Jan Florjanczyk

PhD Student (Electrical Engineering)
University of Southern California
Viterbi School of Engineering

Research & Publications

Quantum Information I am currently pursuing a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Todd Brun at the University of Southern California. I finished a Master's at the School of Computer Science (McGill University) under the supervision of Prof. Patrick Hayden. Our work culminated in the following paper:

The locking-decoding frontier for generic dynamics (rspa.2013.0289)
Frédéric Dupuis, Jan Florjanczyk, Patrick Hayden, Debbie Leung
pre-print: arxiv:quant-ph/1011.1612

as well as the following Master's thesis,

The locking decoding frontier for generic dynamics
Jan Florjanczyk

Computer Vision I've also worked at Atomic Energy Canada developing data acquisition systems under the supervision of Dr. Paul Rochefort. I developed a vision-based system to inspect surfaces in CANDU nuclear reactor fuel channels.

More about me

TEDxMcGill I was the executive organizer for TEDxMcGill 2010. Our core team of six student volunteers ran an event that gathered six hundred student and Montrealers for a one-day program of talks from students, faculty, and special guests.