Jan Florjanczyk

PhD Student (Electrical Engineering)
University of Southern California
Viterbi School of Engineering

Research & Publications

Quantum Information I am currently pursuing a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Todd Brun at the University of Southern California. I finished an MSc at the School of Computer Science (McGill University) under the supervision of Prof. Patrick Hayden.

Continuous decomposition of quantum measurements via qubit probe feedback (arXiv:1406.4956)
Jan Florjanczyk, Todd A. Brun

The locking-decoding frontier for generic dynamics (rspa.2013.0289)
Frédéric Dupuis, Jan Florjanczyk, Patrick Hayden, Debbie Leung
pre-print: arxiv:quant-ph/1011.1612 (under alternate title)

More about me

Programming & Design I periodically work on various coding and design projects. I have some ongoing projects in crowd-sourced data annotations and differential privacy. I've also designed several websites and completed some graphic/document design work. Porfolio

TEDxMcGill I was the executive organizer for TEDxMcGill 2010. Our core team of six student volunteers ran an event that gathered six hundred students and Montrealers for a one-day program of talks from students, faculty, and special guests.